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Spring – Summer – Fall Services

Basic Services

Turf mowing-

Grass grows 1/10 of an inch on average each day! Where applicable, we alternate cutting directions weekly to provide a neat appearance while minimizing soil compaction. Our mower blades are sharpened and changed twice a week to reduce tearing of grass blades and promote healthy turf. Grass is mowed weekly or biweekly at an optimal height based on weather, heat and individual turf needs. Not only does this keep your yard tidy and attractive, it also keeps your lawn healthy. Our lawn care technicians use professional equipment and techniques for superior results.

Spring Clean-up-?

The health of your lawn throughout the year will depend on the work we do in the spring. That work includes removing leaves, grass and yard debris, sticks and garbage. It also includes dethatching turf and an initial mowing! Spring Clean-up services are generally performed mid-April into the first part of May. Our crews will fully clean your property and assess any damage or make recommendations as needed. For an additional fee, we will haul your leaf debris away to be composted.

Fall Clean-ups-

Did you know that leaving leaves on the ground over winter encourages the growth of mold and mildew? Due to the varying weather patterns and tree types found on each property, we aim to perform 1-3 Fall Clean-ups on most of our residential properties. For commercial clients we provide a one-time thorough Fall Clean-up, late in the season. This will ensure that each property is tended to at least one time before the first snowfall. Any additional leaf debris that ends up on your property after the snow flies will be removed during your Spring Clean-up. We will remove leaves and yard debris from the lawn and landscaped areas, and haul it offsite to be composted so you don’t have to stuff another leaf bag again. Fall Clean-ups begin in early October and continue as late as weather permits.

Roof/Gutters/Downspouts –

We utilize high capacity blowers to clean off your roof top, blow out debris in the gutter runs and clear the downspouts. Prices based on roof height, pitch, length of gutter runs and how “messy” they are. To keep costs down, we recommend having your gutters cleared during your Spring Clean-up, once in summer, and during your last Fall Clean-up. Clearing gutters in the late fall helps reduce the likelihood of ice dam build up and ensures water is draining away from your homes foundation.

Soil Testing-

Based on the results of your soil test, our soil and turf correction program addresses pH imbalances and nutrient deficiencies or excesses. We look at the big picture and consider the overall impact and direction of fertilization, herbicide applications, irrigation practices, over-seeding and mechanical practices. Test results are good for 3 years and standard residential yards start at $45.00.

Fertilizing and Weed Management-

Every property has different needs and uses so it is important that we individualize our landscape and turf program to meet the expectations of each client. Perhaps you are interested in basic turf health and keeping pesky dandelions out, or you want the green manicured golf course look. One of our Turf and Fertilizer technicians will meet with you to discuss the best approach to meet your desired goal and address any underlying issues with your turf. We take a realistic approach that focuses on long term results with the least amount of environmental impact.

We offer both synthetic fertilizer and herbicide applications as well as 100% Organic Weed and Turf Fertilization Management program. We use synthetics blends where deemed necessary based on customer request, need and/or budget. The two programs can be overlapped to meet the needs of each lawn.

Organic Turf Management Program-

Our Organic Turf Management program includes chemical (organic of course!), mechanical and cultural control of weeds. The goal of our Organic program is to optimize the nutrients and minerals in your soil to provide the base for your healthy lawn to flourish. The organic approach puts all those nutrients into the soil where the roots can access them throughout the season.

Core Aeration –

At the core of many weed issues is a thinned out lawn that allows weeds a spot to take over. We highly recommend aeration and over-seeding to fill in your turf and choke out weeds, minimizing the need for chemical weed control in the long run. Remember- creating and maintaining a thick, green, weed free lawn is an ongoing process and not an event!

Aeration helps reduce compaction by mechanically removing soil cores. This will improve soil structure and allows oxygen, water, and nutrients better access to the root zones of your turf. The cores remain on the surface and should be left to break down and return to the soil as nutrients. This is also a great time to over-seed or top-dress with compost and apply soil conditioners. Aeration is the best practice to positively impact your lawn and it has the least amount of impact on the environment.


An application of organic compost is typically done with Core Aeration. We apply material in either a pelletized or bulk compost form. This material introduces rich organic matter to support the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and promote seed germination.

Over-seed and Sod Installs-

Because grass grows old with time, becomes stressed from wear, or is damaged by adverse conditions, new healthier grass seed needs to be added. For best results with over-seeding, there needs to be good seed to soil contact which can accomplished with aeration, slice seeding or topdressing. It kills us to see good seed just thrown on to a dirt area and left with the expectation for it to take off! It’s left out in the sun to dry up or be washed away by rain/irrigation. We also utilize high quality seed and match it to the correct conditions for each location, whether it be a spot treatment or an entire lawn application.

Fall is the best time for new grass established as bare spots in spring are typically competing with weeds by summer. Adding additional seed will help choke off weeds and keep them from taking over. Extensive bare areas need a more thorough seeding. Seeding shouldn’t be done during the long, hot summer days.

Sodding areas can be performed anytime throughout the grass growing season, as long as adequate irrigation is available. Sod needs to be continually watered to insure that the roots can establish in the original soil and to prevent burning of the grass. Sod will not establish in shaded areas as it is meant for sunny areas. In areas with minimal sunlight, we recommend mulching or adding low light plants rather than trying to get grass to take hold.


We offer full Irrigation start-ups, fall blow outs, and system repairs and installs. System adjustments and recommendations to be made based on seasonal moisture needs, incremental weather and soil type.

Mulch and Rock Delivery & Refurbishing-

We provide a variety of mulch types and colors to best accentuate your property. Every couple of years the mulch in your landscaped areas will break down, lose it’s color and have increased weed growth. Call us for a quote for mulch touch up or full install!

Over time, rock gardens also experience deterioration and organic matter will build up in between the rocks, encouraging unsightly weed/grass growth. We offer area touch up to give your landscape new color and life as well as full rip out and installs.

Tree and Shrub Trimming-

Lawn Ketchers will shape and prune to optimize the health of the shrubs and trees around your property. Timing is based on plant type and contract terms.


Addressing those nuisance weeds in your landscape and hardscape areas can be added to your weekly service or done on a per call basis. Hand pulling, mechanical and chemical removal options available, call today to discuss options. Per time/event billing and monthly contracted rates available.

Curb and Walkway Power Edging-

Define your turf edges and keep overhanging grass off your driveway, sidewalk and curb lines. We recommend power edging to be done at least twice per season to keep your property looking sharp!


We offer an array of landscape services for any size project. Call our Landscaping Division today at 612.360.0976 to discuss your ideas and make them a reality!

News & Updates

Now Hiring For Spring and Summer 2019

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